Environmental Effects of Air-conditioning

Environmental Effects of Air-conditioning

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Air-conditioning is a process of changing the condition of the air by lessening or moving away the humidity and heat to reach the desired outcome for the interior air quality in buildings, houses and vehicles. Because of this process, the air-conditioner was made. It is a device that takes away the heat inside and provide a cooling effect.  Air-conditioners nowadays became prominent,especially during hot season.  They’re efficient for the people and have major impacts to our environment.

The effects of the air-conditioning to the environments:

Consumption in power one of the great effects of air-conditioning continues because different innovations of the air conditioning devices, that emphasize and focus in placing the energy effectiveness. Most of the air conditioners are operated by the product of electricity and it gives an effect to the environment, such as releasing the greenhouses gases. There is a method of load that controls the use of prime source in air conditioning commercial systems and that is ”Cylinders unloaders”. On an open hermetic compressor, the heads can be fit with the unloaders which can take away of a portion of the load in the compressor so it will run better when whole cooling is not necessary. The unloaders can be mechanical or electrical. While in the automobile air-conditioning system can use until 4 horsepower of the power engine, but the same it will lead increase your consumption in fuel for the vehicle.

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Refrigerantsis a fluid that is used in refrigeration cycle and heat pump within the air-conditioner and the transition phase starts from liquid and turns to gas, the transition perform repeatedly. It has a good effect on the environment because its not corrosive to the mechanical elements, thermodynamic features, safe, and flammability and not prone from toxicity. It will not result in climate change and ozone depletion. The refrigeration system is part of the operating concept of the air conditioning, it gives an impact to the stratospheric part of our ozone primarily in connection of releasing of refrigerant ozone-depleting. The contributions to global warming is both releasing of emission of greenhouse gases and releasing refrigerants for energy purposes. Because the energy-related element has a great warming impact and phase out the HFC (hydro fluorocarbon) refrigerants with minimum effective option that would increase the net of greenhouse emissions. It same goes for PCFC although it used sometime as a refrigerant.

In conclusion, air-conditioning is a very sufficient tool to us, it begun centuries ago until nowadays. Because of its major impact, not only in the environment, but also in the people, a lot of innovation of air-conditioning was made. For the better result of comfortable environment, especially a lot of environment issues are appearing currently. In innovating the air-conditioning, it is an advantage for the business which the main products are the air-conditioners.  They are not just selling an air-conditioner, but they also offer a service for the maintenance, repairing and cleaning the air-conditioner. And one of those is the MFM Group Air Conditioning Services.